Biden to the Families of Victims of Shootings: ‘Eventually, What Will Take You Through Is Purpose’

‘I just remember being so angry’


BIDEN: "You understand it. You lost your brother. You understand. It really takes a part of your soul. And what I tell people is that it’s going to take a long time, but the person you lost is still with you, still part of you. And that I — when it happened to me, when I got a phone call when I was in Washington, after I was elected, before I got sworn in, that my — that put a first responder on the phone, God love her, and said you’ve got to come home, there’s been an accident, and they said they’re dead. 'Your wife and daughter are dead,' and I remember thinking to myself, my God, I mean, I just remember being so angry, angry with everything. And I shouldn’t say it, but angry with God, just angry. And I remember — and people would come up to me and say, meaning well, after that, I understand, and you feel like saying you have no idea, you have no idea. You know they mean well, but the people who, in fact, have been through it, you know they understand. And it gives you solace that they made it, you just want to know, can I make it through.” 

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