Trump: Ratcliffe Was Treated Very Unfairly by the Press

‘I can see exactly where the press was going’

TRUMP: "Congressman Ratcliffe was being treated very unfairly. I was reading the press, and I think I am a student of the press, and I could see that the press was treating him, I thought, very unfairly. He’s an outstanding man. And I asked him, I said do you want to go through this for two or three months, or would you want me to maybe do something else? And he thought about it. I said it’s going to be rough. I could see exactly where the press was going. And fake news. He’s a fine man. He’s a fine man, and so we hadn’t started the process, and I thought it’s easier before we start. But I read things that were just unfair and he’s just too good. He doesn’t deserve it."

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