MSNBC Panel: Biden Seemed to Forget Words

‘He was halting, he seemed to forget words in the middle of his sentences’


FOUHY: "Well, actually, Chris, what I’m struck by with this poll, and I haven’t delved into the details yet either. But the top line is that basically it’s been pretty much the same for months. We’ve got a top tier. We’ve got five candidates in that top tier. Biden, Bernie, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg with Beto a little lower than the rest. What it says to me is, to echo your point, is that Joe Biden has been able to stay on top of that top tier consistently throughout, despite all this sort of hand-wringing that everybody has done. Certainly after the first debate where he looked very shaky under that assault from Kamala Harris. But even after this next one where he did look better prepared than the first debate, but he was halting, he seemed to forget words in the middle of his sentences."

(h/t The Washington Free Beacon)

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