Schumer: Hot July Proves Need to Pass Climate Change Legislation

‘Just days ago NBC reported this will be the hottest July on record’


SCHUMER: “Much more important than Senator Whitehouse’s milestone of course is the issue he’s talking about. Each passing week brings another proof point that climate change is happening right now, reshaping our planet for the worse, moving so quickly that at some point we will not be able to recover no matter what we do, and the world will be so much worse for our children and grandchildren. I think of my eight-month-old, just turned eight months on the 24th, my little grandson. Will his world be the same as ours? Will it be just as beautiful or will there be flooding and fires and changes that make his life and the life of his whole generation far more difficult? If we do nothing, that will happen. Carbon levels in the atmosphere are at the highest point ever in human history. Just days ago NBC reported this will be the hottest July on record. Last month June was the hottest June on record. We all know the consequences are going to be devastating, just devastating to our planet if we fail to take action soon. It’s time for the Senate to debate serious, significant policies to address climate change, and parenthetically, it’s another place, McConnell’s legislative graveyard unfortunately gains, gains more and more. He will not do anything on climate change, as important as it is. So, let me thank Senator Whitehouse for his leadership on this issue. Maybe Leader McConnell will read his 250 speeches and have a change of heart. I doubt it, but who knows. I wish that all of my colleagues on the other side would listen to him and join our Democrats in our efforts to pass legislation to combat climate change.”

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