Trump Aide Battles CNN’s Sciutto on the ‘Squad’ Being Anti-American

‘That’s anti-American and that’s a problem’


SCIUTTO: “But, you see the point I’m making there, is that our country is built on that kind of dialogue where people from one party criticize the policies of another, but why does that make it anti-American?”

SCHLAPP: “Because when you look at The Squad and you literally dissect their statements, it is incredibly concerning, okay. When you look at Omar and when she focuses on let's be compassionate and tell a judge that we need to be compassionate towards these men who were planning to join ISIS, when they start going after Jewish lawmakers saying that there's dual loyalty. When you have another congresswoman, part of The Squad saying that she has a calming feeling about the Holocaust, that is incredibly concerning — “

(Via NewsBusters)

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