‘Morning Joe’ Bashes Lindsey Graham for Backing Trump’s Comments: ‘May Be a New Low Point for the Republican Party Under Donald Trump’

‘That’s not just a new low point for Lindsey Graham’


SCARBOROUGH: "Aim higher? Lindsey, you’re — you call Americans in Congress communists? And you say they hate America? And then your punch line to that is aim higher? Jon Meacham, the term 'McCarthyism' has been thrown around recklessly for 70 or so years, 60, 65 years, but just like Donald Trump’s language was lifted directly from something that David Duke might say, that — there’s not even a stretch here. Lindsey Graham led with the McCarthyism charge of these four Americans, these four people of color, duly elected people, he called them communists and said they hated America. It might be a good time to remind people watching that Lindsey Graham is not a back-bencher in the House like he was when I knew him and he pretended to be conservative. Lindsey Graham is now the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. I have got to say — I have to say, Jon, that tirade yesterday, that’s not just a new low point for Lindsey Graham. That may be a new low point for the Republican Party under Donald Trump."

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