Donald Trump: The U.S. Has the Best Drinking Water in the World

‘Today, the United States is ranked number one in the world for access to clean drinking water’


TRUMP: "We're getting very close to 160 million people, which is unthinkable. If you go back three years, and you said 160 million people, they would say unthinkable. We are unlocking American energy and the United States is now a net exporter of clean, affordable, American natural gas. We're exporting all over the world. (Applause) And today, the United States is ranked, listen to this, number one in the world for access to clean drinking water. Ranked number one in the world. (Applause) One of the main messages of air pollution, particulate matter is six times lower here than the global average, so we hear so much about some countries and what everyone is doing. We're six times lower than the average, that's a tremendous number. Since 2000, our nation’s energy-related carbon emissions have declined more than any other country on Earth. Think of that.”

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