Mayor Bowser on July 4th: We Hope that This Doesn’t Become a Show of Force to Our Own People

‘This has been a nonpartisan family fun event where people come from all walks of life to celebrate these fireworks’


BOWSER: "We’re asking people not to drive, to use the metro. And metro does a very good job of getting thousands of people out very quickly. The other thing that’s different about this event, Andrea, is that there’s a second location and there’s also a second location for fireworks. So we’re asking people to expect more street closures. But I -- I also agree with the congresswoman’s sentiment that this has been a nonpartisan fun family event where people come from all walks of life, from all points of this region in the world to celebrate the fireworks. So we -- we -- we hope that the president will stick to that and not turn it into that, and we hope, too, that we never see the spectacle of our military force being on display as a show of force to our own people."

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