Andrea Mitchell: Do Hillary’s Problems Create an Opening for Biden and Others?

‘Does this give new suggestions to Martin O’Malley or any of the others? Joe Biden? ... does this show a little rust?’

MITCHELL: “Does this give new suggestions to Martin O’Malley or any of the others? Joe Biden?, that maybe there is a chance to run against her in the primary or is there any chance she —“[crosstalk] 
MCLEAN: “I suspect those gentlemen are making their own decision based on what they think. I think they are pretty talented, smart guys, and if they decide they want to run for a president, they’re going to do it based on what they think they can do and not what couple of days in a news cycle has done.”
MITCHELL: “It just—that showed a little, a little rust in that—in the context of social media. You got to move quickly. You just don’t have a week, ten days to make some response.” 
MCLEAN: “She did move quickly. She tweeted very quickly that she wanted the American people to see her email—“
MITCHELL: “Yes, but.”
MCLEAN: “—and I know journalist who were upset with that, ‘Why did she tweet and not have a press conference on that.’ So, you are not going to satisfy everybody in the process and there were some certainly practical matters about how do you step out in a venue where you can answer questions, which she did. She tweeted out information what she cared most about that she weren’t afraid for anybody to see what she had in her emails; that she did the right thing—“
MITCHELL: “In one of her first exposures, tough, at that press conference, which surprised a lot of people, was that she had deleted 30,000 as she described her personal emails—“
MCLEAN: “Those were personal emails. Not described, but they are. Why do you automatically doubt?"

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