Matt Gaetz Torches Fellow GOP Rep. Liz Cheney on Iran: ‘Cheney Wants to Get Into War? Weird!’

‘Congress should never limit the president’s ability to defend our nation’


GAETZ: “Yeah, a Cheney wanting us to get into war? Weird. I look at a new coalition forming around the country that is not partisan in nature, but it is an America first idea, that we would not want to go and engage in these endless, unfocused, unconstitutional wars. Now, Ro represents the progressive wing in the Democratic Party, I represent the conservative side of the Republican Party, and I think this is indicative of what we see going on around the country. Recent reporting that was in The Hill, I believe, showed that by a margin of 2 to 1, Americans favored diplomacy and negotiation over war.”

(via Mediaite

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