Joe Scarborough: This Deterrence by Trump Has Done Nothing But Torture Children

‘This deterrence has done nothing but torture children’


SCARBOROUGH: "But, Willie, here’s the rub. Not only did it not work, it actually encouraged more people to come. We have said it time and again. This is what I want Trump supporters who think that Donald Trump is actually doing a good job at the border to understand, that Barack Obama’s more humane approach actually led illegal crossings to a 50-year low. Donald Trump came in, and when he started to talk about building walls and shutting down the border at a time, again, when illegal crossings were at a 50-year low, that played right into smugglers' hands, who could tell scared people in Central America, 'Hey, they’re about to close the border, I need to rush you and your family, your children and grandparents, everybody up right now because they’re shutting it down.' That’s why there’s been a rush over the past two years, and that’s why border crossings are at a higher rate now under Donald Trump than they ever were under Barack Obama. And by the way, this deterrence has done nothing but torture children."

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