Eugene Robinson: Trump Got Votes from Some Black Men Because of the ‘Bling’ and ‘Gangsta’ Image

‘It may be all the bling that he so ostentatiously displays in a certain sort of attitude that — of gangsta that he tries to show’


ROBINSON: "No, he wasn’t. And really, it mattered in New York City. It didn’t matter in the rest of the country until really he got into the whole birther thing. I think that’s when people started — you know, beyond the five boroughs, started paying attention to Donald Trump. Black people started paying attention to him, not in a good way, because he was telling, you know, these ridiculous lies about the first African-American president in a way that sought to delegitimize him. Look, I think as we look ahead to the election, black women voters are — if they ever had anything to do with Donald Trump, they’re done with him. I mean, he’s going to get no votes from black women. He got a few votes from black men last time around. I think he will get fewer. I don’t know what that is about. It may be a certain sort of faux machismo that he tries to project and it may be all the bling that he so ostentatiously displays and a certain sort of attitude of gangsta that he tries to show. But I think it’s basically — to the extent there was a relationship, I think it’s over. I think it’s over and done with."

(via Mediaite)

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