CNN: Hope Hicks Denies Knowledge of Hush Payments During Campaign

‘Of course, Hope Hicks was right by the president’s side every step of the way throughout that campaign’


COLLINS: "Yeah, my colleagues Jeremy Herb and Manu Raju are now reporting that Hope Hicks told lawmakers today she did not know about those hush money payments that were made to women alleging they had affairs with President Trump during the 2016 campaign. Now, of course, Brooke, Hope Hicks was right by the President’s side every step of the way throughout that campaign. But she has told lawmakers, behind closed doors, according to sources during this testimony, that she did not know about the payments during the campaign. Now, whether or not she knew or when she found out about them during the White House is a question that hasn’t been answered yet because, of course, the White House is trying to assert privilege over those comments, saying that she has immunity from answering anything about during her time at the White House. And that was a time when The Wall Street Journal was doing some really good reporting on these payments that Hope Hicks said one of them, the payments made to Karen McDougal, she said that that was totally untrue. That’s what she told The Wall Street Journal reporters, and now she’s denying knowing about them during the campaign, though it’s unclear when exactly she found out about them, as this testimony behind closed doors with one of the President’s top aides and former closest confidants is still going on."

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