John Dean: This Is Just Clearly a Cover up We’re Watching

‘He wants to stall as long as he can’


BALDWIN: "What about — let’s just keep this in mind, that Hope Hicks, unlike so many current and former White House aides, she has testified before Congress. She did speak with Mueller, she has turned over documents. So what do you make of that?"
DEAN: "I understand she didn’t give very much testimony when she appeared and she claimed some sort of privilege then as well. So we don’t have that transcript either. But the fact that she went to Mueller, the grand jury has really established its ability to pierce presidential privilege. That happened in U.S. V. Nixon. But the court spoke in broader terms generally. While we’ve never had a case resoling the powers of converse us the power of the president over information, I think that’s where Trump wants to go. He wants to stall as long as he can. Brooke, there’s nothing — this is just clearly, as many members of Congress are calling it, a cover-up we’re watching."

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