Don Lemon on Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and Kellyanne Conway Ignoring Laws: This Is Our ‘Anything Goes’ Administration

‘She lied when she said President Trump has never encouraged violence’


LEMON: “That’s different. How is that different? The FBI director is wrong. A senior GOP source tells CNN that was “Really, really bad.” And said if he were to actually do it it would be impeachable. That as the president defends — his defenders resort to what aboutism, pointing the finger at the Steele dossier, even though that is not remotely comparable to the president saying he is open to taking political dirt from a foreign government. So in this anything goes White House it is apparently all okay. And then there’s this, Sarah Sanders, quitting as White House press secretary. You might not even notice if she — if I hadn’t told you, right? Would you have noticed? Because after all today was the 94th day in a row with no press briefing. Think about that. 94 days, no press briefing. Make no mistake. That is entirely because this anything goes administration, this anything goes president doesn’t want anybody to answer questions from the press. Doesn’t want the American people to know the truth if it doesn’t serve him. So Sarah Sanders lied. Again and again and again. Not my opinion. Those are the facts. She lied when she said President Trump has never encouraged violence. You’ve seen him do it, you’ve heard him. She lied when she said multiple news out lets had reported that president Barack Obama ordered wiretaps on Trump. Not true.”

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