Pelosi Refuses to Say if She Wants Trump in ‘Prison’: ‘I Don’t Care What You Ask ... I Am Not Going to Talk About Him’

‘I am not going to talk about him anymore’


RAJU: "He was apparently set off by remarks you reportedly made in private saying you would rather see him in prison than impeached. I that how you really feel?"
PELOSI: "I don’t care what motivates him and we never know, but in front of the tombstones of our fallen, when we’re there to observe the 75th anniversary of Normandy, you be the judge as to whether you think it’s appropriate for the President to take that tact. I don't care what you ask anymore. I am not going to talk about him anymore."
RAJU: "Did you actually say that the president, you would rather see him in prison?"
PELOSI: "When we have conversations in our caucus, they stay in our caucus. Do people think there’s some impeachable offenses the President committed? Yes. How serious are they? Are they criminal? Many people think they are."
RAJU; "Do you think they are?"
PELOSI: "That’s not the — I’m here to talk about —"

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