Hannity Blasts John Dean as ‘Angry, Washed-Up, Far-Left… CNN Hack’ Ahead of House Testimony

‘He now works for fake news CNN as a professional Trump hater, 24/7’


HANNITY: “Dean, well, he now works for fake news CNN as a professional Trump hater, 24/7. Hate, rage, psychosis. So now Jerry Nadler figures, ‘Oh, nobody more perfect, let’s roll him out for yet another round of Trump-bashing, even though he has no relevance to the case,’ and by the way if you’re like most Americans and you don’t watch fake news CNN or conspiracy TV MSNBC, here’s a small sample of the great insight, the great knowledge, the great objective analysis of Jerry Nadler’s star witness and what he will bring to Capitol Hill and the circus he has thrown over there.”

(Via Mediaite)

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