Rep. Krishnamoorthi: ‘I Think that the Mueller Report Laid Out Impeachable Conduct’

‘— Especially the obstruction of justice parts of the report’


KRISHNAMOORTHI: "I think that the Mueller report laid out impeachable conduct, especially the obstruction of justice parts of the report, volume II. I think that the concern that I have is we want to begin the impeachment proceedings at a time when we’ve collected enough evidence to get to a conviction. I think that the concern of folks like myself and others is that you don’t want to have impeachment be an empty exercise, where the result could be the President being absolved and then being able to legitimately claim total exoneration, which would be a horrible result. So I think that right now, we have to do our homework, we have to complete the investigations, gather as much evidence as possible, which is what we’re trying to do and move the American people to where we are right now."

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