Steve Bannon Slams Angela Merkel: Jews Are Afraid of Radical Islam She Let in in Germany

‘Angela Merkel is a total and complete phony’


BANNON: “Listen, this is the firestoniest of angle Merkel she was supposed to leave but saw the rise of populist national parties she didn’t think the leadership she had and the Christian Democrats are strong enough. She basically said I’m staying not going anywhere. Here is the hypocrisy. I was in Berlin two weeks ago. Spent five days there. Actually I sat down with some of the senior Jewish leaders. They told me they live under fear and it’s not from the right. I have just been meeting with alternatives for the right wing party. They say they live under fear because of radical Islam and for this unlimited immigration from the Middle East that Angela Merkel let in. In fact, they said they couldn’t even wear their jam yamakass. This shows that Angela Merkel is a total and complete phony. That’s why this movement took a beating. For her to sit there and try to smear these parties saying that when in Germany the Jewish leaders say we fear what she has allowed to happen with this unlimited immigration particularly from the radical jihadists that are in the country, that’s what they fear in Germany. People should just go ask the Jewish leaders in Berlin.”

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