Gillibrand: If Trump Keeps ‘Stonewalling’ on McGahn, House May Start Impeachment Proceedings

‘They might decide to start impeachment proceedings because they need to get access to the truth’


GILLIBRAND: "Yeah, I think what the Trump investigates — what the Trump Administration is doing is fundamentally blocking our constitutional right for oversight and accountability over his Administration. And they’re doing it aggressively, certainly ignoring the contempt proceedings against Barr is a step, telling witnesses like McGahn that they are not supposed to testify. You know, I think it’s something that Speaker Pelosi — she has six committees of jurisdiction now that are trying to do oversight investigations and I think she will continue to push very hard to get testimony and documents. But if the President keeps stonewalling, it may actually force the House's hands and they might decide to start a future proceedings because they need to get access to the truth and the American people have a right to know the facts.” 

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