White House Does Not Know How Clinton’s E-mail or Server Was Kept Secure

Press Secretary Josh Earnest says he unaware of the White House contacting the State Dept. to ensure the law was followed

JANSING: "Do White House officials know how exactly then her email was kept secure? Or you don't know? Or has anyone spoken to the State Department, if they feel confident that this private server has proper levels of cyber security? Because there was a senior State Department official who said, ‘We have no indication that the account was hacked or compromised.' So I am just wondering how the administration would know that if they were not responsible for the cyber security?"

EARNEST: "Well, it sounds like -- again, somebody at the State Department was in touch with Secretary Clinton's team about this issue and about the range of issues ensuring the proper compliance with the Federal Records Act, so I'd refer you to the State Department for questions about the cyber security precautions that were taken around this email address."

JANSING: "But this new information that has come out now that you are not sure if the White House knew or not -- the White House isn't coordinating or talking to the State Department about -- just to make sure that there is a level of confidence about the level of security surrounding her emails?"

EARNEST: "Well, I'm not aware of any conversations like that."

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