Rove: Why ‘Tone-Deaf’ Jim Comey Thinks We Want To Listen to Him Is ‘Beyond Me’

‘This guy is tone-deaf’


ROVE: “Darned if I know. This guy is tone-deaf. He goes out, opines about obstruction of justice by President Trump. This guy messed it up, a guy presiding over the investigation of Hillary Clinton. Did not have to make the decisions whether or not — not the director of the FBI. He made that determination and did so before he interviewed her. After he decided that he was not going to charge her, which was not his right to me, that was the attorney general’s possibility, he then trashed her which he did not do in this country. If he decided not to to indict, shouldn’t be out there trashing her. Then he did it at the end of the election, then presided in the end of the election, it was staffed with people like Peter Strzok who were vehemently anti-Trump and were involved in sensitive matters involving the investigation of the Trump campaign. This guy misted up it why he thinks we want to maybe he ought to go back and wait and let the FBI, the activities under his time as the investigator, the independent FBI — “

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