ABC’s Karl Grills Pompeo: Does Trump Not Realize What You Have Said Publicly About Venezuela?

‘I mean, what does he mean when he’s saying he’s not looking to get involved?’


KARL: “But wait a minute, you said that Maduro was on the plane ready to leave and to flee for Cuba and it was the Russians that told him to stay. And the president is saying that Putin told him that he’s not looking to get involved in Venezuela. Does the president not realize what you have said publicly and what is obvious, that Putin is deeply involved in Venezuela? I mean, what does he mean when he’s saying he’s not looking to get involved?”

POMPEO: “Yeah, I didn’t see the full context of the quote there. I don’t know what context that was in. I do know this; the president has made clear, we want everyone out and that includes the Russians.”

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