Fox News’ Sean Hannity Praises Bill Maher for Questioning Schiff: ‘He Got Something Right’

‘Good for Bill Maher’


HANNITY: “Sara Carter, thanks for that report. We promise you we will not stop. All of these bad, corrupt actors must be exposed. It cannot happen to them. This abuse of power. You cannot have rigged — and attempt to spy on opposition party candidates. Thought and of course, using unverified material. There is no shortage of high-ranking government officials plotting to take down Donald Trump, rigged the election in her favor. She did steal the primary from Bernie Sanders, yet with seemingly never-ending investigations. Still ongoing. The Democratic Party is fast becoming — well, the laughingstock. The problem is it serious. Even HBO’s top liberal, Maher, accusing the congressman of stocking President Trump, which is a good description. Good for Maher. He got something right.”

(Via Mediaite)


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