Feinstein: Netanyahu’s Wrong, Israel ‘a Lot Safer’ with Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal

‘We have a Middle East that’s coming apart now’

BASH: 'Let me read to you a statement that Netanyahu made as he was about to board his plane, which I should say, he is on it now, making his way to Washington. He said, 'As the Prime Minister of Israel it is my obligation to worry about the security of Israel and therefore we are totally against the agreement that is coming together between Iran and the Powers, that can endanger our existence.' When you have the Israeli Prime Minister arguing that this is going to endanger his existence, how to fight that?" 

FEINSTEIN: "Well, he did that in 2011. I was present for that speech and he said they would never accept the '67 borders."

BASH: “But you just disagree with this?"

FEINSTEIN: "I disagree with it very strongly. I happen to believe Israel is lot safer with an agreement that's agreed to by all of the big powers, including ourselves, than it is if there is no agreement and if Iran decides to break out. Then, Israel attacks Iran, Iran attacks back. What happens? What happens? And, you know, we have the Middle East that's coming apart now. We've got ISIL and ISIS - they occupy a third of the territory of Syria; they occupy about nine or ten cities in Iraq. They are forming their own government. They are occupying land which is a new thing for a terrorist group. And you have Yemen in trouble, you have Egypt in transition, you have Libya close to a civil war and you have Jordan and Lebanon in danger."

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