Van Jones: ‘Biden Showed the World He Knows How to Put a Banana Peel’ in front of Trump and ‘Watch Him Fall’

‘I don’t think Donald Trump knows how to deal with Joe Biden’


JONES: “I don’t think Donald Trump knows how to deal with Joe Biden. Joe Biden knows how to deal with Donald Trump. He's got him right where he wants him already. It’s really so painful to hear the commander-in-chief, the President of the United States, sit up here and brag on a traitor, brag on someone who is committing an act of treason to defend one of the most abominable institutions in the history of the world. It's painful, it's wrong, it’s beneath him, it's beneath the office of the president, but from a political point of view, Joe Biden just showed the world he knows how to put a banana peel in front of Donald Trump and watch him fall. He hadn’t even gotten out of bed this morning."

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