Jay Inslee Calls for Climate Change Only Democratic Primary Debate

‘We need to debate on climate change’


VELSHI: "Look, your views on climate change are complex. So I just sort of laid out what a lot of people are talking about, the Green New Deal. In broad strokes, how does what you are proposing compare to the Green New Deal?"

INSLEE: "Well, the aspirations are largely the same. Look, we know this. We are the first generation to feel the sting of climate change. We are the last generation that can do something about it. We know we can, should, and I believe will build a clean energy economy. We’re doing that in my state where we’re about to pass a bill that will give us 100 percent fossil-free energy by 2045. We’re closing our last coal fire plant by 2025. We’re developing new building standards. We’re going to have 50,000 electric cars on the road. The kind of thing we’re doing in Washington state, I believe, is a template for success to defeat climate change nationally, but we have to make this a priority. That’s why I have today — today I'm asking all my Democratic colleagues who are running for this office to — "

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