Dan Abrams: Mueller Is Telling Us He Believes Trump Obstructed Justice

‘That’s the whole Mueller report’


ABRAMS: “Now the attack on Muller begins and that's what, and I said this, I said this when Barr made his comments, I support — I said look, I will support Mueller no matter the Mueller findings, no matter what they are, and I trusted Barr's account even that there would be no evidence of conspiracy, which I said was a good thing, I was happy. I was happy that the President did not conspire or that his campaign did not conspire with the Russians. I wasn't hoping for a finding of a conspiracy. I wanted there not to be one. And I was relieved that there wasn't. But now we have to accept the reality that Robert Muller in this document is essentially telling us that he believes the President obstructed justice but that a sitting president can't be prosecuted, and that he's not even going to say it in a document because it would be unfair to the President. And that's — that's it. That's what the Mueller report is."

(Via Mediaite)

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