Rep. Wexton: Steve Moore Is ‘Just Unqualified to Lead the Fed,’ He Doesn’t ‘Understand How Monetary Policy Works’

‘I still believe he’s supremely unqualified and I hope that the Banking Committee and the Senate agrees’


BURNETT: "Tonight Trump’s Fed pick is under fire. 2020 presidential candidate senator Elizabeth Warren sending scathing letters to Stephen Moore and Herman Cain. In an eight-page letter to Moore, Warren writes in part 'you have a long history of making wildly inaccurate claims about economic policy that appear to serve political ends, suggesting that you are unqualified and unsuited for the job for which you are expected to be nominated.' OutFront now, Democratic congresswoman Jennifer Wexton who sits on the House Financial Services Committee. Great to have you with me, Congressman. Look, the Senator's words are very harsh, but you know, last night Stephen Moore was on the show, he listed off some of his qualifications. Chief economist at the Heritage Foundation. Budget analyst at only the age of 25 in the White House. Chief economics writer at The Wall Street Journal. Does that all add up to someone who can do this job?"

WEXTON: "My issue with Stephen Moore and, I think, a lot of other people's as well is he’s just unqualified to lead the Fed. He doesn’t seem to understand how monetary policy works."

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