CNN New Day Mocks ‘Vice President Sean Hannity’ and His ‘Hold on Members of Congress and on the President’

‘Senate-confirmed Sean Hannity, by the way’


CAMEROTA: “Let’s talk about the Vice President, Sean Hannity. It is fascinating how often he’s involved in policy conference calls.”
PALMER: “Yeah, I think that was one of the stunning things throughout the book that we detailed is him being on conference calls with Republicans, with the president around health care. We also have members of Congress leaving private meetings where they are deciding what they are going to do on major issues and the first call is Sean Hannity.”
CAMEROTA: “That they make or that he calls them?”
SHERMAN: “Both ways. During the shutdown Jim Jordan was in almost constant contact with Sean Hannity. This isn’t a criticism of them. It shows Sean Hannity’s hold on members of Congress and on the president.”

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