Michael Steele: There’s a Risk for Dems to Overplay with Mueller Report

‘The American people behind them for the release of the report’


STEELE: “That’s always sort of the edge that the Democrats find themselves walking on, the measure to which they, you know, ramp up hearings, the measure to which they go after getting the Mueller report. Look, they have the public behind them on this. The public wants to see this report released, as much of it as possible, as has already been pointed out. They have, under the current situation, current laws, the opportunity to see a broader report than the one we may see here in the public as part of their oversight. So play to that strength that they have. One, the American people behind them for the release of the report. And two, what they’re entitled to in their oversight function. There is no need to start throwing around subpoenas loosely or giving the impression that they’re creating a drama around something that may not be as dramatic in the end.”

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