Cokie Roberts on Biden: ‘Every Time He Tries To Be Himself He’s Getting Himself in More Trouble’

‘If he runs for president, which I think he will, it’s going to break his heart’


ROBERTS: "How to handle it. Look, if — if he runs for president, which I think he will, it’s going to break his heart. Because he’s not going to be able to be Joe Biden. And that is the thing that is most appealing about him, is how genuine he is, what a regular guy he is. But he — every time he tries to be himself he’s getting himself in more trouble. And it really is a generational problem because a lot of young women think this is just creepy and don’t like it a bit and — and then when he tries to laugh about it, which is of course the way those of us of a certain age have gotten through life, you know, we’ve all had big tragedies in our lives and we get through it by humor. And that’s certainly true of Joe Biden. But if he’s not allowed to do that, it’s going to make his life absolutely miserable."

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