Scarborough: Herman Cain Makes Steve Moore Look Like a Combination Between Adam Smith and Alan Greenspan

‘President Trump says he wants Herman Cain ... on the board of the Federal Reserve’


SCARBOROUGH: “That’s one way to end it. That guy — Willie Geist, that guy makes Steven Moore look like a combination between Adam Smith and Alan Greenspan. Like, I mean, when you’ve got somebody next to you going 'Nine, nine, nine' on the Fed, suddenly Stephen Moore is going, 'Ooh, all the stuff I said about Donald Trump, maybe nobody will pay attention to it.'”
GEIST: "Yeah, it gives him a little cover. By the way, Herman Cain did serve on the board of the Federal Reserve of Kansas City at one time, we should point that out. I can't remember, as I watch that classic ad, one of our favorites of that election cycle of 2012, what was the point of the cigarette drag? What was the message that was being sent there? It was captivating, but I don’t know what the point was exactly."

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