Tucker Carlson Mocks Ocasio-Cortez After Instagram Vid: ‘The AOC Moment Will Pass, It’s Too Stupid to Continue’

‘She still thinks the whole immigration question boils down to racism’

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CARLSON: “Negativity. That's what the activist left now calls disagreement. They are not interested at all in what anyone outside their tiny little world has to say. Every day you see democratic presidential candidates endorsing some new policy that has pretty much zero public support but sounds like something woke baristas in Brooklyn would be excited about. Banning ice, ignoring federal immigration law giving am else in city to millions. Decriminalizing illegal border crossings which to say totally open borders. Anyone can come. When they come here give them free stuff. Nobody really wants any of this even most of the people saying it would work. The republic would revolt if they tried it half of country of Guatemala would move here tomorrow. It wouldn't happen. Countries have borders that's what makes them some day the AOC moment will pass it's too stupid to continue. At that moment sober adults will wake up and rejoin the conversation in progress. What do we want from our immigration system? How many immigrants should we admit every year? What's the ideal number?”

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