Chris Matthews on GOP: They ‘Hate,’ Hate,’ ‘Hate,’ ‘Hate,’ ‘Hate,’ ‘Hate’ Obama

‘It’s about who can hate President Obama the most’

Chris Matthews on GOP: They 'Hate,' Hate,' 'Hate,' 'Hate,' 'Hate,' 'Hate' Obama (NewsBusters)

In case he's been too subtle in the past, an unhinged Chris Matthews made himself clear on Monday: He thinks the Republicans "hate" Barack Obama. The Hardball anchor fumed over insufficient outrage at Rudy Giuliani's assertion that Obama doesn't "love America." In the span of one show, he hit Republicans as "haters" seven times.  

Matthews snarled, "You want to know about that fight among Republicans running for President is all about?...It's about who can hate President Obama the most." The anchor derided, "I will finish with the contest of hate that is going on among Republican candidates for president. Who can hate Obama the most?"

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