Reporters Roast State Dept. Spox for Refusing to Say Kim Jong Un Responsible for Warmbier Killing

‘No, I asked you, does the State Department believe he’s responsible?’


REPORTER: "Is there a concern that if you do, if you or the Secretary or any other official in public says that you believe Kim Jong-un is responsible for Otto Warmbier's death that somehow that might — that will hurt the diplomacy that's going underway? Because it seems to me that it's a pretty fairly — it's a straightforward logical assumption when the Secretary gets the question and he says we hold the regime responsible. And then you ask who leads the regime, and that would be Kim Jong-un. It seems — you know, it's syllogism, right? So, Kim Jong-un leads the regime, the regime is responsible, therefore Kim Jong-un is responsible, right? Why is that so difficult for you guys to say?"

PALLADINO: "You said it. I have nothing further to add."

(Via Mediaite)

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