CNN: White House Expects to See Mueller Findings Before Congress

‘White House lawyers expect to have an opportunity to review whatever version of Robert Mueller’s report Attorney General Bill Barr submits to Congress before it reaches lawmakers and the public’

SCHNEIDER: "As we wait and watch for the Mueller report, which could be submitted to Attorney General William Barr any day now, we have learned that the White House expects to review whatever version of the report Barr plans to submit to Congress before it even reaches lawmakers and the public. And that's of course because the attorneys want the White House to have that opportunity to claim executive privilege over any of the information that's been drawn from the documents and the interviews with White House officials over the past two years. That's all according to sources. No doubt, this will spark a political battle between Democrats in Congress and the White House over what will ultimately be released. And while the President is, of course, within his legal authority to exert that executive privilege to shield those communications with officials, Democrats will likely allege that the President is just trying to shield information from the public into that investigation that of course has consumed the first two years of his presidency. But one source close to the White House putting it this way: saying there has always been this tension between what looks best politically and what best represents the interests of the institution. But overall, preserving that executive privilege, it does offer Trump political optics. So we expect that battle to rage over the eventual release of the Mueller report."

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