Trump: ‘It’s a Very Bad Thing’ for Republicans If They Vote to Block Emergency

‘The Democrats are for open borders, they’re for crime’


TRUMP: "Yeah, nobody’s beaten up. I said, 'Use your own discretion.' But I think it’s a bad vote if they go against. I think anybody going against border security, drug trafficking, human trafficking, that’s a bad vote. The Democrats are for open borders, they’re for crime. I mean, frankly, they’re for crime. These people can tell you that better than anyone. When you have open borders, when you don’t have walls, Mike, you know it very well, all of you folks know it very well, we deal with it all the time. I guess they think it’s good politically. I think it happens to be bad politically. I think it’s an 80 percent issue and maybe more than that. But the Democrats, in order to make things difficult, they offer open borders and they’re for crime. And the Republicans aren’t. But I told Republican senators, 'Vote any way you want. Vote how you feel good.' But I think it’s bad for a Republican senator. I also think it’s bad for a Democrat senator to vote against border security and to vote against the wall. I think if they vote that way, it’s a very bad thing for them, long into the future.”

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