NBC News Makes Campaign-Style Video Attacking Israeli PM Netanyahu

NBC promoted the video by declaring it was a look at Netanyahu’s household expenses, “deemed an inappropriate use of taxpayers’ money in a recent audit”

NBC News Makes Campaign-Style Video Attacking Israeli PM Netanyahu (NewsBusters)

Promising, "A look at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's household expenses, deemed an 'inappropriate' use of taxpayers' money in a recent audit," NBC News is promoting a campaign-ad-style video on its Facebook page.

While the expense scandal is in and of itself a legitimate news story, it's arguably hardly of much interest to domestic American audiences. That, coupled with the network's well-documented disdain for Netanyahu -- which well precedes the Boehner invite, by the way -- and you have to admit it seems this video is more about providing cover fire for President Obama and the Democrats than reporting a legitimate news story.

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