Ryan Lizza: Dems Divided on Calling out Anti-Semitism Because They’re a More Diverse Party

‘So this is Trump taking advantage of this’

LIZZA: "Or not that matters if you're President. This is classic Trump, using an issue that has divided Democrats a little bit. They've had some trouble with one member in the House of Representatives that they've had to discipline. And so this is Trump taking advantage of this, exacerbating attention within the Democratic Party. Look, the Democratic Party is a much more diverse party. They're always going to have, frankly, more debates and it's going -- this -- and as the primary goes along here for the President on the democratic side, this is going to be Trump at every single moment lobbing grenades, whether it has to do with rhetoric from a House member or a policy, he is going to be in there slamming that wedge into the Dems."

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