Dershowitz: Re. Omar’s Comments Were ‘Clearly Anti-Semitic’ and She Has to Be ‘Condemned Uniquely and Singularly and Strongly’

‘These Democrats, the ones on the extreme left are trying to turn the Democratic Party into Britain’s Labour Party’


DERSHOWITZ: "I agree with you. And I think that these Democrats, the ones on the extreme left are trying to turn the Democratic Party into Britain's Labour Party, headed by an overt anti-Semite like Corbyn. Corbyn makes the same argument. So it wasn't anti-Semitic, it was just anti-Zionist. But what Omar said is clearly anti-Semitic. And she should have been condemned by name, singled out. Anti-Semitism should have been isolated as the real problem that we’re confronting not only in this country but around the world. But the Democrats, by watering it down, it was as if after the black children were killed in Alabama back in the civil rights movement and somebody wanted to introduce a resolution, condemning attacks on black children, some southerners said, oh yeah, yeah, but let’s also include attacks on white children. No, that’s not the way you do it. You look at the problem. The problem is anti-Semitism coming from Omar and others like her, and that has to be condemned and that has to be condemned uniquely and singularly and strongly."

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