Rep. Raskin: Trump’s ‘Mad at Michael Cohen Because He Stopped Lying for the President’

‘They’re not mad at Michael Cohen because he lied for the president’


CABRERA: “Who do you believe in this case, Cohen or the president?”
RASKIN: “Well, you know, the president I think now by the count of ‘The Washington Post’ has told over 8,500 lies, although that was a week ago. So it might be up over 9,000 now I don’t know. So, I mean, for him it’s just routine. Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty to lying for the president before Congress and we’re still trying to get to the bottom of exactly how that particular lie about the president’s involvement in the Moscow tower project came about, and we will get to the bottom of that. But at this point Michael Cohen has no incentive to lie and all of his testimony before our committee was coherent and consistent and, you know, as I said then and I’ll say again, they’re not mad at Michael Cohen because he lied for the president, they’re mad at Michael Cohen because he stopped lying for the president.”

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