Qanta Ahmed Slams Anti-Semitism Resolution; ‘This Is a Placebo,’ Rep. Omar Is ‘Unfit’ To Be on Foreign Affairs

‘Condemning anti-semitism is a universal value we all repudiate it’


AHMED: "It's not just slurs, Brian. She is affiliated with boycott divestment sanctions. That is a militant anti-Semitic movement disguised as a human rights movement which calls essentially for the eradication of Israel. She went and keynoted for Islamic Relief, which is sanctioned by the Swedish government, Tunisian. Bangladesh will not have Islamic Relief do refugee work because they’re afraid of radicalization. Her actions, other than her words, point to Islamist anti-Semitism. The Democrats, thank you for condemning anti-Semitism. That’s what we do at the Shoah Foundation, we combat it. But they are not exposing the real problem and she is unfit to be on the Foreign Affairs Committee."

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