Dem Rep. Compares AOC to Trump, Calls Their Style of Politics ‘a Real Threat to Our Democracy’

‘When you listen to Trump and you listen to AOC, they are kind of sounding the same’


RICE: "It’s happening here. This is not just here where this kind of — whether people want to call like a populist movement or whatever it is, because when you listen to Trump and you listen to AOC, they’re kind of sounding the same. No, no, no, no. What I’m talking about is they are — what they’re saying is resonating with the same people who are feeling disenfranchised, okay? And that’s happening all over Europe. It’s happening all over Europe. Look at what’s happening with Brexit. I mean, it’s happening all over and this is a real threat to our democracy. And so, yes, I’m going to stand up and say look, for two years I reached out to people in Trump’s world to say come up with something that we can do in a bipartisan way to show the country that Donald Trump isn’t just trying to be President to the 40 percent of the people that make up his base. And yet, every single day those are the people that he speaks to, no one else. And so I can’t say that anymore, I can’t."

(h/t NTK Network)

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