SEAL Team 6 Member Refutes Brian Williams’ Claim that He Was Embedded with Them

‘Brian Williams can actually show that piece of the fuselage ... he could bring it on the air and that would clear it up’

SEAL Team 6 Member Refutes Brian Williams’ Claim That He Was Embedded With SEAL Team 6 (NewsBusters)

On Sunday, CNN’s Reliable Sources hosted former SEAL Team Six member Don Mann to discuss NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams’ questionable claim that he was embedded with them at the start of the Iraq war.

Speaking to host Brian Stelter, Mann resoundingly refuted Williams’ story and said that "for a reporter to be embedded with SEAL Team Six or any tier one unit, that just doesn't happen… The last thing in the world we would want is have a reporter sitting in a helicopter embedded with one of these units. It would hurt the United States in many ways.”

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