Jim Himes on Hush-Money Check: ‘We Impeached One President’ in the 1990s for Having an Affair

‘There are at least four or five areas where there is credible evidence that the president committed very serious crimes’


SCARBOROUGH: "Now, going back to Cohen's testimony and what we learned from Cohen's testimony, and all the investigations moving forward in the Southern District of New York based on what we heard in the testimony, how much more likely do you think what we learned this week about Donald Trump and his actions both out of office and in office, how much more likely do you think it makes possible impeachment proceedings moving forward?"
HIMES: "That’s a really interesting question, Joe. As you know, the Democrats got elected on a bunch of promises about reducing health care costs and helping the economy and reducing corruption. And every time we get that question, of course we have a conversation that it's not about those things that we got elected on, but look, the fact remains that there are at least four or five areas where there is very credible evidence that the President committed very serious crimes."

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