CNN’s Berman to Jim Himes: Do You Believe Trump Was Involved in Crimes Michael Cohen Pleaded Guilty to When He Was President?

‘He will testify to the president’s role in crimes that Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty to’


BERMAN: "Do you have reason to believe that Donald Trump was involved with crimes that Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty to when he was president of the United States?"
HIMES: "That’s the interesting question, right, a very relevant question for the Congress. Did conversations about the payoffs to the two individuals, did those conversations continue? As you asked in the earlier segment, did the President encourage Michael Cohen to lie? Did he try to change Michael Cohen’s testimony? Did he have other people reach out to Michael Cohen? The President has publicly via Twitter criticized and attacked Michael Cohen. Did that happen privately?  So yes, of course there is a long list of things that, you know, if this was somebody investigated in the criminal realm would look really, really bad to a prosecutor, to a judge, and to a jury. So of course we’ll be interested in hearing all of that."

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