Fmr. Obama NSC Spox to Warren: With Dem President You Should Use National Emergency to Address Real Emergency Like Climate Change

Warren: ‘There is a lot real emergencies’


VIETOR: "President Trump recently declared a national emergency on the southern border so that he can take a bunch of money from other places to pay for his stupid wall. There is no emergency, this is absurd, I think everyone knows that, including Mitch McConnell, even though he flip-flopped on it. But it's also clear to me, I think, that the Republicans aren't going to stop him. I mean, Congress could block him in this instance but it would require Republican votes and I think we're all sick of waiting for them to be courageous. So, I guess my question is to you is shouldn't Democrats say to Republicans if you're not going to step up and protect the institution of Congress and enforce the old rules, then these are now the new rules, and that we're going to play by these rules when a Democrat is elected and we fully intend to use a national emergency to advance democratic priorities or things that are actually an emergency, like climate change."

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