Warren: ‘Ultra-Millionaires Tax … Would Make a Big Down Payment on a Green New Deal’

‘We could make the investments that make this country work’


VIETOR: "This is a bill you put forward?"

WARREN: "This is a bill I've already put forward. 40 percent of the seats on corporate boards, ways to get more power back into the hands of workers. That's how we start to rewrite this economy. And I just keep working through that and every part of it, taxes, progressive taxation. I put an ultra millionaires tax out, a proposal on this. Think about this. If we taxed people, families, that have more than $50 million in assets, if we charged them two percent a year and they put that back in the [inaudible] to help build opportunity for everybody else, we could pay for universal child care. we could bring down student loan debt, we could make a big down payment on a Green New Deal. We could make the investments that make this country work and that's for me what this is all about."

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