Sanders in 1993: Health Care Shouldn’t Cost ‘Tens of Billions’ More or ‘Raise Taxes on Workers’

‘Everybody knows that we’ve got a $300 billion deficit’


SANDERS: “So that's the debate that is taking place within health care. But my hope is that the people of our state and that the people of this country, the working people, the poor people, the elderly people, the people who know that the system for the last dozen years has been stacked against them. I hope that they stand up and they say yes, let's move toward a national health care system guaranteeing healthcare to all people. But to way to do it is to take on the insurance companies, the drug companies, the medical industrial complex, not to ask workers to pay more in taxes on their health care benefits. What this article in The New York Times says very clearly is the Germans have a health care system of quite the quality that we have. They spent 50 percent per capita of what we're spending. In terms of Canada, we spend 40 percent more. Why is that? Why do we allow that to go on? And the answer is that in Germany, in Canada, throughout the world, those countries have stood up to the private insurance companies, to the pharmaceutical companies, to the doctors, and they have said wait a second, you cannot get — you know, you think about mental health in this country. Psychiatrists get $200 an hour. Well, you're not going to the cut the cost of health care with people earning that kind of money."

(h/t Mediaite)

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